FERMENTI – Probiotic Rich Fermented Foods



Ferment s a Fermentation Powerhouse Based in Marshall, NC. We Provide Living Probiotic Rich, Hand Crafted Fermented Foods.

Fermenti.LLC Provides Living Probiotic Rich Fermented Foods Hand-Crafted In Madison County, NC! We Are Focused On Culturing Our Community  Through Charitable Events, Preserving Our Heritage By Educational Outreach  And Supporting Food Resiliency. We Have Just Created Fermenti Mountain Farm To Start Growing Our Own Produce, Cut Costs And To Create Jobs While Sourcing Locally. We Are The Proud Fermenting Ambassadors For Sow True Seed And Look Forward To Again, Sponsoring The Annual Fermenting Festival Of Marshall, NC This FALL!
We Are The Fermentation Ambassadors For Sow True Seed and Grow Their Local Seed On Our Farm In Marshall, NC.
Educational Outreach Is Our Goal, With Local Classes Available Monthly, Both On Our Farm and Off And A Free YouTube Channel At Fermenti Mountain.
Founding The WNC Fermentation Festival Has Allowed Us To Gather & Support The Local Fermentation Community To Raise Money For Food Security In WNC.
Food Waste Management and Reclamation Is Important To us, So Please #growtoferment

*Our Products Include*

- Spicy Kimchi

– Beets with Ginger

– Sichuan Carrots

– Garlic Pickles

– Triple Threat Hot Sauce

– Minced Garlic

– Lemons *Seasonal*

– Ginger Turmeric Pink Kraut

– Sauerkraut

– Apple Carrot Kraut

*Seasonings Include*

– Kraut Flour

– Garlic Salt

– Jalepeno Salt